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Why commit to a CSR approach in the hotel industry?

Because beyond the response to their possible obligations, committing to a CSR approach creates value for hotel investors and operators, Honotel MDO offers its know-how in managing the hotels’ CSR strategy.

Thanks to our tailor-made support service, which takes into account the business contingencies and intrinsic characteristics of each asset, you will see that in hospitality, values have value!
A commitment to a CSR approach should not be seen as a constraint, but as an opportunity to:
• increase the attractiveness of the asset by raising its profile
• to enhance the value of employees and build their loyalty for the benefit of better customer service
• improve its relations with its stakeholders

• create a strong brand identity and differentiate from the competition
• attract new targeted customers
• reduce costs (water, energy, laundry)

At Honotel MDO, we have implemented a CSR commitment as a pragmatic method. Whether it is more focused on the environmental, social or societal responsibility of your assets, our strategy is always realistic, adapted and progressive. It consists of 4 stages:

  1. Asset analysis
  2. The choice of a suitable benchmark
  3. The implementation of the strategy
  4. Monitoring & progress

CSR Hotel


Asset analysis
As part of the global analysis we carry out for our clients who own commercial accommodation, CSR commitment is an important criterion for us when we scan the intrinsic characteristics of their assets: product, location, competitive environment, brand strategy, management & performance KPIs, reputation, digitalisation... For each of these characteristics, Honotel MDO recommends directions for work and evaluates the benefits that can be derived from the implementation of a proactive but realistic environmental, social and societal responsibility strategy from a business point of view.
Choice of an adapted reference framework
CSR Commitment, European Ecolabel, Green Globe, Green Key, Environmental labelling.... There are many CSR benchmarks. However, the choice of the "right" label is essential because it will be the basis of the progress strategy in the social, societal and environmental commitment carried out by the hotel operator for its asset management. Honotel MDO therefore assists its investor clients in this choice according to the level of their CSR involvement, the intrinsic characteristics of their asset and the hotel operator's capacity for commitment.
Implementation of the strategy
Through multiple tools, Honotel MDO supports its client in its CSR strategy and guides its hotel operator in:
• the construction of the budget allocated to the process
• the definition of the progressive and continuous improvement plan of the approach
• the development of the CSR charter, based on priority actions (water and energy consumption, CO2 emissions, waste reduction, etc.)
• the choice of the purchasing policy benchmark
• the development of a supplier commitment charter to which the hotel's suppliers and service providers must adhere by respecting the principles defined therein (ethics, working conditions, health and safety, environment)
• the creation of the employee training plan
• actions to be taken for well-being at work
• the creation of monitoring indicators (water consumption, energy consumption, waste volumes, etc.)
• communication strategy and identification of communication opportunities with respect to customer targets and employees.
Monitoring & progress
We monitor the strategy of our investor clients' hotel operators for 5 years to ensure that they comply with the obligation to develop and continuously improve their CSR approach. We provide our clients with annual advisory reports on the successful implementation of their operator's strategy and the achievement of their objectives.

Case study: support for the deployment of a CSR framework for 12 hotels

In order to meet the legal obligations of a hotel investment fund, Honotel MDO has supported its management company in its CSR commitments to its investors. We guided them in their choice of a suitable CSR label and then coordinated its deployment across the 12 hotels in its portfolio.

To meet the expectations of the fund’s investors as closely as possible, we helped the Société de Gestion de Portefeuille (SGP) to choose the Environmental Display label.

This voluntary label, supported by the French Agency for Ecological Transition, ADEME, helps to improve environmental performance with a dual objective:
• raise awareness of responsible consumption
• encourage sustainable production


Current situation & objectives accomplished

In the case of hotels, the Environmental Display measures the environmental footprint of an overnight stay with breakfast according to 4 environmental criteria:
• the greenhouse effect
• water consumption
• energy consumption
• the share of organic and ecolabelled products

The calculation of the environmental footprint gives the hotel a score between A and E. The resulting environmental label is displayed in the hotel.

We assisted the portfolio management company in selecting a specialist in environmental labelling for the tourism sector: Betterfly Tourism.

With the help of its digital and consulting solutions, we guided the hotel operator through all the stages of implementing a CSR strategy in each of the hotels:
• support in the one-day audit,
• awarding the Environmental Label,
• managing the implementation of the personalised action plan according to the score obtained.
• advice on prioritising the actions to be taken according to the objectives

The 12 assets from the investment fund were rated B (5 hotels), C (6) and D (1).


We put our expertise at the service of investors to maximise their performance. Thanks to Honotel’s dual expertise in investment and hotel management, we assist investors in a wide range of business issues such as opening a hotel or bringing an ERP system into compliance.

Yann Odile, President
Executive Director of Honotel MDO
Yann Odile
Compliance Director
Yann Zorn

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