Guidance on the pre-opening
& opening of the hotel

The administrative and operational implementation essential for the opening of a hotel

The pre-opening period is key to the successful launch of a hotel. In this challenging endurance test, we apply the methodology that the Honotel Group has deployed for over 20 years for its own assets as well as those of its investor and operating partners.

Our pre-opening and opening hotel management tender examines all the administrative and operational tasks that are essential for a good start. We support you in carrying them out well, in coordination with all of your stakeholders.

Well in advance of opening, Honotel MDO can assist its clients in the choice of their hotel operator by helping them to analyse the adequacy of the various business plans proposed with their own objectives. We also provide our expertise as a hotelier in negotiating the management contract, defining the operator’s obligations and setting up performance tests to evaluate the quality of its management.

Similarly, we work alongside our clients, owners of hospitality assets, to guide them towards a possible choice of brand.
In the administrative pre-opening phase, Honotel MDO then focuses on two fundamental steps:
1. Support for administrative procedures
2. Guidance on reverse planning for the opening of the hotel

Administrative pre-opening of a hotel


Support for administrative procedures
The preliminary administrative steps required to open a hotel are numerous and tedious. In order not to miss any of them, we coordinate the following formalities until they are completed:
• the declaration of operation
• the possible classification or reclassification process: advice on the hotel's classification potential, creation of the Atout France account, construction of the pre-diagnostic process thanks to our control matrixes, ordering the follow-up visit from an accredited body, organisation of the visit, etc
• the hotel's declarations to the Etablissement Public de Coopération Intercommunale (EPCI) for tourist tax, the Sacem, the SPRE, the CNIL..
• the implementation of various social declarations: Urssaf, a mutual insurance company..
• purchase/transfer of licence IV: taking steps with the relevant authorities
• the display of prices charged.
Management of the retro planning for the opening of the hotel
The pre-opening of a hotel requires the simultaneous management of a large number of tasks. We support our client and challenge its hotel operator in the implementation of an action plan integrating deadlines, budgets and operational challenges for each task. Adapted and realistic, our proposals are based on our 20 years of experience in the hotel industry.

Pre-operational opening of a hotel


Construction of the operational budget
Closer to the interests of its investor client, Honotel MDO challenges and monitors its hotel operator in:
• the preparation of the operational budget with financial projections adapted to its market and customer segments in terms of turnover, fixed costs, variable costs and profit
• the definition of its competitive universe, the CompSet, adapted to the projections and to the asset in terms of positioning
• the creation of a dynamic and coherent pricing strategy across its markets.
Guidance on the organisation of teams
Honotel MDO assists its clients in the internal and external human organisation of their hospitality assets with regard to:
• the structuring of teams
• the range of tasks and staffing levels
• the recruitment process
• training for the Hotel Manager and staff
• support for the operational implementation of pre-opening processes.
Support for hotel digitalisation
In order to implement the best digital solutions to manage the hotel, Honotel MDO offers its clients the benefit of its experience in:
• support when choosing the operating software (PMS), the revenue management system (RMS), the accounting suite, reporting to headquarters and the Channel Manager
• advising on and setting up contracts with service providers
• support to implement the appropriate digital tools.
Launching of contractual tenders
With a view to optimising costs and the quality of services, Honotel MDO monitors the launch of contractual tenders after an in-depth examination of contract proposals from energy suppliers, Internet access providers, technical maintenance companies, linen management specialists, etc We support our clients from the negotiation of these contracts right up until they are signed.
Development of an optimal distribution model
Thanks to the know-how in distribution developed by the Honotel Group, we challenge hotel operators on:
• the development of an optimal distribution model
• the selection of service providers for the hotel's website and its referencing
• the selection of a strategic panel of Online Travel Agencies (OTAs): Booking, Expedia..
• the implementation of new distribution methods (Staycation, Voyage Privé, etc.) to increase the hotel's visibility and the capture rate of local customers
• diversification of distribution partners.
Marketing launch of the hotel
After having accompanied our clients in the definition of the communication plan dedicated to the opening, we intervene at their side for the choice of the service providers in charge and monitor them for:
• the launch of the hotel's grand opening: event, press release, creation of the place’s identity by means of storytelling consulting…
• carrying out an advertising promotion - photo shoots, choice of media…
• building a network of influencers.

Case study: pre-opening of a 4-star lifestyle hotel in Paris

Honotel MDO assisted the owner of a property in Paris, which was restructured into a 4-star lifestyle hotel by a renowned architect, for its pre-opening under a major international brand.


Current situation & objectives accomplished

For this assignment, carried out in close collaboration with a global hotel operator, we were responsible for:
• monitoring the construction of the operational budget,
• managing administrative procedures and documentation: declaration of operation, obtaining a licence IV, etc
• coordination between the technical consultant and the hotel operator,
• support for the commercial pre-opening: opening budget, competitive sales, etc
• the management of recruitment with a strong focus on key positions: the Hotel Director, the Technical Director and the Head,
• optimising the recruitment schedule.

Opening of the hotel in 2021.


We put our expertise at the service of investors to maximise their performance. Thanks to Honotel’s dual expertise in investment and hotel management, we assist investors in a wide range of business issues such as opening a hotel or bringing an ERP system into compliance.

Yann Odile, President
Executive Director of Honotel MDO
Yann Odile
Compliance Director
Yann Zorn

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