Hospitality investment
& management

The Honotel Group, a benchmark in hotel investment and management in France and Europe

Honotel is one of France’s leading hospitality companies, with expertise recognised by some of the biggest names in hotel investment.

Honotel manages 45 hotels in France and Europe located in major cities and major leisure and business destinations. Honotel focuses on creating value in its hotels in order to deliver above-average performances in terms of sales and operating income.

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Our business expertise opens the doors to the hospitality industry for a successful hotel investment.

Honotel's reasoned approach to the hospitality sector means that its partners benefit from its investment expertise.
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In a complex and constantly changing environment, Honotel provides its partners with its expertise as a hotel operator to ensure that management is geared to performance.
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Expertise that creates value:
repositioning hotel assets by creating living spaces

The Honotel Group’s value creation model is based on proven expertise in repositioning 3 and 4-star hotels with potential in destinations with natural flows.

The Group has developed an offering that is evolving in line with changing consumer expectations and new urban lifestyles. Honotel offers lifestyle hotels, boutique hotels and hostels that are all places to live, with trendy decor and multifunctional use of common areas. These features are designed to maximise the customer experience.

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An evolving offering in tune with changing consumer expectations


A personalised offering tailored to customers' needs

Today’s guests demand a tailor-made experience, including their choice of room, bedding and view, as well as booking additional services such as massages, cooking classes or guided tours.


A sustainable and responsible offer

Hotels can respond to growing consumer concerns by adopting sustainable practices such as renewable energy, waste reduction and eco-friendly cleaning products.


A connected, digital offering

Hotels can respond to guest demand for technology by offering connected services such as smartphone meal ordering and ultra-fast Wi-Fi.


An innovative and creative offering

Guests are looking for memorable experiences. Hotels can satisfy them by offering innovative services such as yoga, cooking or virtual tours.