A proven investment process, a source of value creation

With long-term structural growth, the hospitality industry is a popular asset class for investors wishing to optimise the risk/return ratio of their portfolios. However, it is also a sensitive sector in the short term – economic situation, political crisis, security risk – where the success of an investment starts with an acquisition and structuring process involving specialised expertise and a rigorous methodology.

Honotel has been at the origin of the success of more than 70 hotel private equity transactions and shares its value creation strategy with its partners in club deals, lease management, or through its fund management company Hôtel Investissement Capital.

Investment funds
2 FPCIs with a total investment capacity of €150m. Approved by the AMF under No. GP-15000008, Hôtel Investissement Capital is a management company created in 2015 that develops and manages Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs) that are 100% dedicated to the acquisition of stakes in unlisted hotel and commercial accommodation companies. It has launched two funds, FPCI Hôtel Patrimoine and Cap Hospitality, with a total investment capacity of €150m. With €38m of capital raised in 2016 from professional and similar investors, the Hotel Patrimoine fund completed the compilation of its portfolio after 8 transactions on assets in the midscale segment, mainly in properties and business premises. With €42m of capital raised in 2019, half of it from institutional investors, the FPCI Cap Hospitality is dedicated to short- and medium-stay commercial accommodation. Its first acquisitions have been made.
Club Deal
Structuring tailor-made club deals. Since its launch in 2000, the Honotel Group has offered its partners the opportunity to participate alongside it in financing rounds for the acquisition of hotel assets by dedicated vehicles, with the balance of the financing being provided by debt. By combining its expertise in the hospitality sector and its knowledge in financial engineering, Honotel structures club deals from A to Z that perfectly meet the performance and maturity objectives of its various partners.
Lease management
Setting up lease-management operations. For institutional investors wishing to transfer the responsibility for the operation of their assets by leasing their business, Honotel structures investment operations in lease management. This type of arrangement relieves investors of all operational and asset management constraints while ensuring a long-term return.

A value creation chain that has proven itself to be successful

Hyper-targeted acquisition
Honotel analyses more than 600 investment files for 4 to 5 operations per year. The dense network of brokers and business providers in France and Europe enables Honotel to choose these targets for their intra-insurance values and to favour the Off Market.
Optimised financing
Honotel has forged strong partnerships with leading banking institutions, enabling it to optimise the leverage of these investments. Honotel is also a member of BPI Excellence.
The group has carried out more than 30 marketing repositioning projects since 2015. Honotel has created concepts that evolve with new consumer expectations and enhance assets.
Industrial management
Honotel's teams are responsible for all aspects of operational management, with a view to growing business and developing margins.
Our banking partners and investors

CHR (Cafes, Hotels and Restaurants) FUNDS: IRR > 18%

Between 2007 and 2012, Honotel acquired 19 hotels (919 rooms) in France on behalf of Checkers capital with a Value Add strategy. The assets were sold between 2014 and 2017.


Timhotel portfolio: IRR > 35%

In 2003, Honotel acquired the Timhotel portfolio, 15 hotels (850 rooms) in Paris, France, with a Value Add strategy. The assets were sold in 2006 to LFPI.


Launch of an opportunistic fund

In 2021, Honotel announces the launch of an opportunistic fund: Cap Hospitality III.

700 €M
of transactions
53 %
Average leverage rate

The funds managed by Hotel Investissement Patrimoine provide access to a tangible asset class, with a good location and dynamic management for institutional investors or private assets.

Suzanne Todd, General Manager of Hotel Investissement Capital
General Manager of Hotel Investissement Capital
Suzanne Todd
Investment director
Adrien Lagarde

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