A proven investment process that creates value

With long-term structural growth, the hospitality industry is a popular asset class for investors looking to optimise the risk/return profile of their portfolios. But it is also a sector that is sensitive in the short term – economic conditions, political crises, security risks, etc. – and successful investment starts with an acquisition and structuring process that calls on cutting-edge expertise and a rigorous methodology.

Honotel has successfully completed more than 70 hotel private equity deals, and shares its value-creation strategy with its partners through club deals, management leases, lease-take-overs and its fund management company Hôtel Investissement Capital.

Investment funds
Authorised by the AMF under No. GP-15000008, Hôtel Investissement Capital is a management company, created in 2015, dedicated to investing in mid-scale hotels in France and Europe.

For its investor clients, HIC sources and acquires existing hotels with potential for value creation through management or repositioning. Since it was founded, HIC has invested in around twenty hotel deals with an asset value of over €200m.

A proven value chain

Hyper-targeted acquisition
Honotel analyses more than 600 investment files for 4 to 5 operations per year. The dense network of brokers and business providers in France and Europe allows Honotel to choose its targets for their intrinsic values and to favour the Off Market.
Optimised financing
Honotel has established strong partnerships with leading banking institutions to maximise the leverage of its investments. Honotel is also a member of BPI Excellence.
The group has completed more than 30 marketing repositioning projects since 2015. Honotel has created concepts that evolve with new consumer expectations and enhance the value of assets.
Industrial management
In order to increase sales and improve margins, Honotel's teams take care of all aspects of operational management.
Our banking and investment partners

CHR (Cafes, Hotels and Restaurants) FUNDS: IRR > 18%

Between 2007 and 2012, Honotel acquired 19 hotels (919 rooms) in France on behalf of Checkers capital with a Value Add strategy. The assets were disposed of between 2014 and 2017.



Timhotel portfolio: IRR > 35%

In 2003, Honotel acquired the Timhotel portfolio, 15 hotels in Paris (850 rooms) in France with a Value Add strategy. The assets were sold in 2006 to LFPI.


Opportunistic fund launched

In 2021, Honotel announced the launch of an opportunistic fund: Cap Hospitality III.

700 € M
in transactions
53 %
average leverage rate

The funds managed by Hotel Investissement Patrimoine provide access to a tangible asset class, with a good location and dynamic management for institutional investors or private wealth.

Suzanne Todd, President of Hotel Investissement Capital
President of Hotel Investissement Capital
Suzanne Todd
Investment director
Adrien Lagarde