Capex management: repositioning assets to enhance their value

Articles - 4 May 2019
Mandat de gestion d'hôtel - Honotel

The renovation of real estate assets is one of the major components of Honotel’s value enhancement strategy. Each brand or concept is studied according to its location, the history of the building and its geographical and social context. The hotels under management are repositioned in four possible market segments: boutique hotels (in the heart of the city), business resorts, pocket palaces (upscale, confidential locations) and hostel lifestyle hotels (youth hostels). All the establishments receive personalized treatment, with a range of services that reflect their identity.

Hotels under management are subject to a five-year business plan at the time of contract signature. This asset management program, orchestrated by Honotel MDO’s teams, is based on a complete and exhaustive analysis of the partner establishment, meeting 76 criteria divided into 5 categories: revenue, operations, management, product and marketing. From this assessment, investment plans are drawn up for major works or lighter renewal, if necessary. Every year, Honotel reinjects 3% of its revenues into the maintenance, upkeep, quality and services inherent to the hotel classification, security and conformity of its assets.

Investments (FFNI), made within the framework of the management contract, also include the digitalization of establishments (RFID, QR Code, connected locks, Wi-Fi in common areas, etc.), CSR criteria and accessibility conditions for the disabled. The annual audit of Honotel’s hotel assets, but also the weekly quality reports, represent real financial optimization tools which bring an overall vision on the items to be renewed and the investments to be targeted. As a privileged contact for the owners, Honotel offers them a close management and a perfect knowledge of the market which allows them to reach commercial performances above the market.

Mandat de gestion d'hôtel - Honotel

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