Financial management: optimization and value creation

Articles - 4 May 2019
Mandat de gestion d'hôtel - Honotel

The financial optimization strategy is one of the building blocks of Honotel’s value creation model. Hotels under management are being repositioned and assets are being valued. The increase in revenue and commercial performance is achieved by improving gross operating income (GOI). Digitalization ensures the optimization of expenses and the implementation of management standards, as well as the monitoring of regular activity ratios. Thanks to purchasing management, owners benefit from economies of scale and rationalization of operating costs.

The analysis of the performance of the hotels under management contract is a key factor in the valuation of the assets. Therefore, Honotel provides its partners with structured and organized reporting tools, with KPIs by business line, monthly and quarterly indicators as well as an evaluation of the proper application of management rules. This support enables the group to ensure the financial control of partner establishments and to provide them with budget forecasts with objectives to be achieved. This support ensures continuous performance for hoteliers.

At the service of its customers, Honotel helps them to remain in conformity with a constantly changing regulation. RGPD, health crisis, specific aids to the hotel sector: the fields where the law evolves are numerous, requiring a constant watch on the legal news and an update of the good practices. Within the framework of the management mandate, the group provides assistance to hoteliers in the implementation of administrative procedures, in particular the back-office (accounting, collection, debtor customers, etc.) and monitors these processes.

For the past two years, Honotel has demonstrated its ability to deploy an agile organization aimed at adapting services and operating costs to the activity of each establishment. This adjustment of the assets’ break-even point to the market reality makes Honotel the privileged contact for the management of hotel assets.

Mandat de gestion d'hôtel - Honotel

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